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Claus Porto Favorito Candle - 270g

The Favorito scented candle will release a vibrant, uplifting fragrance to instantly lift your mood and fill your room with positive energy. It’s held in a biscuit porcelain vessel whose textured diamond pattern evokes Portuguese architectural motifs. The fragrant flame casts a soft, ethereal glow through the translucent diamond design, setting the mood for perfect moments. An uplifting fragrance to fill your home with positive energy. Let Favorito’s vibrant scent stimulate your senses and energize your room. Juicy notes of ripe red berries, followed by the delicate scent of fresh-cut roses, crisp green leaves, and a pungent pinch of patchouli and pepper.

Top Notes: Red berries and green leaves

Heart Notes: Red roses

Base Notes: Patchouli leaf and pepper

Claus Porto Favorito Candle - 270g


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