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All About Charcoal-Detox

Activated charcoal binds with and absorbs toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals, helping to give your skin a radiant look and feel. In addition, activated charcoal proves to be beneficial as an anti-aging solution that detoxifies our body. It functions by binding with dead cells, skin, and dirt present on skin's surface.

Skin care products with activated charcoal can be in the form of body wash, moisturizer, face mask, etc. Activated charcoal has a porous texture and a negative electrical charge, which helps it in attracting as well as trapping toxins and other positively charged anomalies to achieve complete detoxification of your body.

One such skin care product is Bathorium Charcoal Crush that wonderfully detoxifies your body. Let us look at the wonderful features of this product. We will also go through details of main ingredients it has, which help to make it a complete detoxification solution.

What is Bathorium Charcoal Crush?

The charcoal crush works wonders and detoxes your body from outside to the inside. Bathorium charcoal crush consists of activated bamboo charcoal which does the job of pulling free radicals and toxins from your skin.

At the same time, calming lavender and basil's spicy oils help in soothing your mind. The crush also consists of French sea salts and Epsom salts, which play an important role in relaxing aching muscles. Another important constituent of Bathorium charcoal crush is coconut milk, that softens your skin and envelopes your body.

To get complete detoxification experience, all you will have to do is soak yourself for at least thirty minutes and immediately follow it up with a cold rinse. Take such baths on a weekly basis to complete detoxify your mind and start feeling refreshed.

Let us now look at the main ingredients of this almost magical charcoal crush.

Main Ingredients:

  • Activated Bamboo Charcoal: The main ingredient of this crush, this activated charcoal works to rejuvenate as well as detoxify the skin and at the same time, performs deep cleansing.

  • Sweet Basil: It is sweet and at the same time, spicy embodied in freshness. Once you take a deep breath of its fragrance, you will be able to achieve zen like focus and clarity.

  • Coconut Milk: In present time, coconut milk is considered to be a skin care staple. An important ingredient of this crush, coconut milk will be moisturizing as well as cleansing your skin and nourish it. The healthy glow you will get will be hard to miss.

A Final Note:

We can summarize here by saying that Bathorium Charcoal Crush is a splendid skin care and detoxification product that can help you completely transform your look and feel.

If you want to know more about this fascinating product and how it can help you radiate with internal glow, then give us a call. One of our skin care experts will be more than happy to explain all the intricate details to you.

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