Waxing and sugaring are hair removal techniques that have been around since the beginning of time. Both techniques lift hair from the root of the hair follicle and have a longer effect on the skin than shaving. They're two very different techniques. With waxing, a cotton strip is used to remove your hair in the opposite direction of your follicle's growth pattern.


The opposite happens with sugaring, where the hair is pulled in the natural direction of your follicle's growth pattern. Wax also tends to be hotter than sugaring, which is normally room temperature.


We use soft cream organic wax & Alexandria Professional Sugar. Proper skin preparations and post-care included.

Eyebrow Maintenance $20
Eyebrow Shaping $26
Full Face $65 
Full Face & Eyebrows $90
Side Burns $20
Upper Lip $15

Chin $15

Nose $15

Ears $15
Full Arm $48
Half Arm $34
Underarm $22
Chest $75+

Back $75+

Shoulders $38+
Bikini $30
French Bikini $42
Brazilian $62
Full Leg $72
Half Leg $50+
Full Leg & Bikini $95
Upper Leg & Bikini $80
Finger $20
Toes $20
Lower back/Belly $15
Full Stomach $32