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TLC Time – More Important Than Ever

This winter spend more time on TLC (Tendering Loving Care) and get your skin in perfect condition before you start heading out again in the spring. Here, we will explore a few of the important skincare tips that you should focus on while you are working from and spending more time at home during the winter.

Make Sunscreen Part of Daily Skin Care Routine

You may think that since you are inside the home throughout the day there is no need for a sunscreen. But it will be important to keep note of the fact that harmful UV rays easily pass through the windows. To feel fresh, it is likely that you will want to get some amount of sunshine every day, but while doing so, you will have to take necessary steps to protect your skin. The best way to do so is by using a good sunscreen.

Focus on Moisturizing Your Skin

Staying indoors means it will increase the time you spend in dry air, coming out of radiators. Such dry heated air is bound to reduce the moisture content of your skin. To prevent such a thing from happening what you will have to do is use a rich moisturizer several times in a day so that you are able to build extra moisture in your daily skincare routine.

Get Rid of the Dead Skins

Dead skin cells gradually start building on the surface of the skin and reduce skin's radiance. This is the perfect time to get rid of dead skin and get your radiance back. One of the options is using chemical exfoliants that effectively remove dead skin cells as well as excess oil, which often results in blemishes.

However, you should select the right chemical exfoliant by consulting your skin care expert so that it works well for skin issues you are facing. For instance, a BHA or salicylic acid will be right for oily skin and get rid of excess sebum, which is the root cause for breakouts. Lactic acid will be suitable for dry skin, result in better skin cell renewal, and help in enhancing natural glow of your skin.

Experiment New Things

It is difficult to try new things in skin care routine during normal times when we are busy with our work life. But, with the weather getting colder, we tend to spend more evenings in. This is a great time to try out different skincare treatments that you always thought about.


Get a head start this winter on giving yourself glowing skin for the spring. Make your New Year’s resolution to give your skin some much needed TLC.

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