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Claus Porto Iris Guest Soap Box - 15 x 10g

Inspired by a 1919 original product, this guest soap box is a feast to the senses. It is a tribute to the art of soap making and to the rich heritage Claus Porto has carried for over 130 years. Including some of CLAUS PORTO'S best-selling soaps, in a colorful limited edition, this is the absolute go-to gift.

The assortment in this guest soap box features fifteen soaps, in a selection of seven fragrances of the Deco range: Voga, Alface, Favorito, Banho, Chypre, Deco and Cerina.

The fragrances: Voga’s fragrance balances fruity freshness with understated acacia and sweet tuberose.  Alface’s youthful and sunny fragrance will awaken your senses and subtly perfume your skin. Its fragrance combines fresh orange blossom with velvety almond, wrapped around a radiant heart of white rose and jasmine. Favorito’s unique fragrance combines juicy red berries and crisp green leaves, with the delicate scent of fresh-cut roses, warmed by a powerful pinch of pepper and patchouli.  Banho’s revitalizing and zesty fragrance will give you an energizing boost and will exhilarate your senses. This breezy fragrance is a stimulating citrus feast of lemon, orange, mandarin, verbena and basil, given added depth with musk and hints of vanilla. Chypre’s distinctive fragrance merges tangy blackcurrant, lychee and mandarin with forest notes from cedarwood and oak moss. Delicate jasmine and red rose add a touch of refinement to this inspired scent. Deco’s fresh forest fragrance blends notes of galbanum and cypress with a woody composition of pine, eucalyptus and balsamic elemi.  Cerina’s woody, polished scent is strongly inspired by Portugal’s rugged coast. Notes of pine needle and sea moss, are embraced by the sweetness of delicate white flowers. 

Claus Porto Iris Guest Soap Box - 15 x 10g


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