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2021 Skin Care Resolutions During Covid-19

The Challenge

During this time of COVID-19, masks provide a critical layer of protection against the virus, but they can also irritate the skin, clog pores, and cause acne to flare up. To fix some of the skin problems we are experiencing we must first take a look and understand what is happening under our masks. Let’s look at the new skin challenges that are arising due to the face mask.

The material of your mask absorbs the skin’s natural oils, and for some people, this can lead to dryness and sensitivity. When this irritation becomes inflamed, you may notice redness, dry patches, or peeling. If you have a skin condition, such as rosacea or acne, this inflammation can cause a flare-up. When your breath becomes trapped beneath the mask, it can make the surface of your skin moist and warm and clog pores, causing an acne flare-up or pimples. There is more bacterial being trapped under your skin which is a new challenge for most of us. We are seeing problem zones around the mouth and chin occur where pores are becoming blocked and skin is red and irritated.

What Can we Do?

What can you do to keep your skin healthy under your mask? How can we keep our skin feeling and looking its best?

- If you have a choice, wear masks made of cotton, which are lightweight and breathable.

- If mask-wearing is triggering rosacea or perioral dermatitis (bumps on chin area), use mild, gentle products designed for sensitive skin.

- Wash your mask regularly. A lot of bacterial from your mouth is trapped in your mask and it should not be re-worn after use. Keeping your mask fresh will help keep moisture and bacteria off your skin.

- Make sure you are washing your face and using the right products for your skin type and the personal challenges you are facing.

How Can Upper Village Spa Can Help

Contact us at Upper Village Spa and have our experts put together a home facial kit and facecare routine specific to your challenges. Whether it be rosacea, Acne, blemishes, dry or irritated skin. We have the perfect solution along with step-by-step instructions to make your skin glow under your mask.

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