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Fall and How it Effects Your Skin

Gradual decrease in temperature and shortening of days signal the end of summer and the change in weather conditions can have a significant effect on your skin. In Fall, you will have to take extra care of your skin to protect it from such change in weather. Here, we will look at some of the problems you will face in fall and how to create the right skin care routine.

Itchy Skin | Dry Skin | Cold Sores

Itchy Skin: With the decrease in temperature, the humidity level also starts dropping in the Fall. Such low humidity makes the air dry and consequently your skin becomes dry. Such dryness of skin will result in problems such as premature aging, sensitivity, irritation, etc. Our skin requires more moisture to remain healthy.

The solution involves stopping use of lighter lotions that were part of your skin care regime in summer and utilizing more of heavier creams. However, if you have eczema or similar other skin condition then following advice of your physician will be the right thing to do and you should also avoid creams that have alcohol in their ingredient list.

Dry Skin: One of the problems you will experience in Fall includes having irritable, raw, and dry skin. Such dry skin turns irritable and flakey as well as susceptible to problems like acne.

When the skin is dry, the process of cleansing older cells slows down, the problem of irritation starts leading to acne. Thus, skin care routine followed in Fall should be such that it effectively addresses these issues. For instance, the moisturizer you select should be suitable for skin which is susceptible to problems such as acne and need to be oil free as well as to prevent clogging of pores.

Cold Sores: Cold sores is another problem that you will experience in Fall. Outbreaks of cold sores or oral herpes manifests close to the mouth area. You become susceptible in fall as lips become dehydrated and dry. The solution involves keeping lips moisturized and including a vitamin D supplement in your daily routine.

A Final Note

As we can see, while Fall brings relief from scorching summer heat, it also causes different problems from dry itchy skin to cold sores. Thus, you will have to take extra precaution during Fall to keep your skin in good condition. If you have doubts about how to create the right skincare routine in Fall, give us a call or come in and our experts will assess your skin type and concerns so we can suggest the right skin care routine to keep your skin healthy through the colder months.

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