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Skincare Trends For 2022

If you want to know more about latest trends in skincare in 2022 then you are at the right place since this is the topic we will be exploring in-depth in the following sections.

Skincare Trends For 2022

  • Skincare experts are gradually shifting focus from certain trends which were popular earlier like acid peels or Retin-A. Now, for strengthening skin, the aim is to fortify our micro-biome and the overall skin barrier functionality.

  • Greater importance is being given to skincare routines that are simpler in nature and having a minimalist approach.

  • Rise in popularity of at-home treatments that we noticed in recent years will continue in 2022 as well.

  • There is going to be more emphasis on having healthy skin with skincare enthusiasts embracing routines that utilize inside-outside approach. However, people need greater amount of knowledge and education to better understand the nature of their skin. People tend to purchase the latest products available in the market without analyzing the type of skin they have or any concerns they need to be wary of, which should be avoided. They should first try to understand what their skin needs before purchasing any skincare product.

Let us now look at some popular skincare products.


In 2022, we are going to notice more emphasis being given to products that support skin’s microbiome and provide barrier repair. The aim is to balance and support skin’s bacteria instead of stripping it. Since Ceramides (like those present in Dr. Baumann Face Creams and Liposomes) fulfill the requirements, skin professionals will continue to recommend them in the coming days.


This year we can expect a significant rise in online searches for some active ingredients since consumers nowadays are more interested to know about such ingredients. Niacinamide (found in Dr. Baumann Ampoule), Retinol, and Vitamin C will continue to be some of the ingredients which will top the list of heavily searched ingredients since they are known to deliver results. In addition, consumers will be searching for skincare products that are being tested to crosscheck the claims made by such products.

Science Driven Skincare Products

It is very clear that in 2022, consumers will be looking for skincare products with ingredients, which they believe will be delivering desired results for them. Moreover, beauty enthusiasts are leaning towards brands which provide science driven products. The astounding medical advances that we have experienced in the last year have made consumers a lot more aware about the power science beholds.

  • Technology involving micro-needling radio-frequency treatments for wrinkle reduction, scarring, and skin texture improvement.

  • Consumers nowadays do not look for quick-fix solutions. For facials, the future will be long term. People will be purchasing packages for their results and try to maintain those results at their homes through skincare regime they have already created.

  • Brands achieving success will be those that are transparent and open about ingredients they use. One such good example is Dr. Baumann.

  • People today are a lot more aware of links between their well-being, hormone balance, and gut health. Thus, we are witnessing a growing trend towards tandem products and beauty edibles that are backed by efficacy analysis and are known to work both topically as well as internally. Additionally, collagen supplements are turning into essential skin health products (for instance, the Age Quencher Collagen Capsules).

It's an exciting time for skin care!

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