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Why do candles help us relax?

Candles have been used since ages and represent celebrations, festivals, and relaxation. Have you ever wondered why candles have such a relaxing effect on our senses? Let us explore the reasons candles relax and calm our senses.

Relieves Stress

Candles have become an integral part of aromatherapy. You can create a relaxing ambiance in your home by using scented candles. Such scented candles sooth a stressed mind by complementing the light in the room to develop a joyous and warm environment. Some popular scents that are commonly used in aromatherapy candles include fruity and floral scents.

Improves Sleep Quality

There are scented candles such as valerian, jasmine, and lavender, which are known to lower blood pressure and bring down heart rate. The result is that you feel calm, it reduces stress, and sleep quality also improves.

Increases Focus

Staying calm, focusing, or meditating is a challenge for many. When a point of focus lacks, it becomes difficult to ignore distractions. You can create such point of focus using a lighted candle and create the right ambiance for meditation.

Gazing at flame of the candle helps you meditate and free yourself up from all types of intrusive thoughts as well as distractions.

Enhances Energy Levels

When you are in a relaxed state, it helps to increase your energy levels. Our brain functions optimally and we are able to think better. In such condition, we reach a state of higher self-awareness and utilize our energy levels in the right manner.

Facilitates Better Immune System Functions

Focusing on candles calms our senses and we are able to eat and sleep better. This in turn strengthens our immune system so that it can easily tackle problems such as high stress levels, poor sleep, anxiety, etc.

Triggers Release of Feel-Good Hormones

Use of aromatherapy candles helps to soothe our mind and triggers release of feel-good hormones, which are known as endorphins. When it is coupled with beautiful and soothing scents of essential oils, it gives you better alertness as well as mental clarity.

For instance, candles with lavender scent are known to induce relaxation, positivity and cheerfulness get elevated with citrus scents, and improvement in concentration and energy levels is experienced when rosemary and peppermint are used.

From above details we can easily figure out that warm soft light of candles has a very soothing effect on our senses and help to greatly relax our mind and body. Thus, light candles when you want to create an ambiance, celebrate special occasions, or simply to improve your mood and relax.

Moreover, candles prove to be helpful in different circumstances. Help relieve anxiety, facilitate better sleep, and change your mood. If candles are scented, they prove to be more effective since many of the scents used in these candles evoke emotional responses, which play an important role in our mental and physical well-being.

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