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Your Body Has a Lifestyle Too!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The weather is never predictable in the summer. We can expect a lot more rain than usual or weeks of intense heat, and that means humidity is bound to be close. It is important to find ways to feel fresh in the summer months.

As soon as it warms up to double digits, that first pair of shorts appears in public. After months of hibernating indoors, everybody is anxious to sit outdoors under the sun, pick up a tan, and capture much needed Vitamin D. Whether you’re enjoying relaxing and or magical moments in Ontario’s cottage country, the French Riviera or Amalfi Coast while sipping a cool beverage, your summer body will always welcome feeling fresh and cool.

We’ve got you covered with summer cooling tips and body care specifics to protect your exposed summer silhouette with pre-sun, BB Cream, and after sun care.

Cosmetics for your feet, cottage country & Europe

Summer Cooling Tips

• Drinking water will keep you HYDRATED. Choose to eat lots of delicious seasonal fruit like watermelon, oranges, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and grapefruit. On the veggie side, sticks of celery, carrots and cucumber are hydraFRESH plus!

• Shower in tepid temperature water daily. Morning to start the day fresh….there is that cool word again, and at night before bed to remove the heat and sweat from the day.

• Check out Instagram or TikTok for summer hair-up styles and minimal makeup to show off your glowing skin. We’ve got luscious lip colour and gloss, and light coverage in the Pro Sheer Schmink foundation to make you glamorous all night long! Call us at 416-782-1539 to order.

Sunscreen, SPF, Sunscreen, SPF, Sunscreen, SPF to protect your from UVA/UVB rays. We love to tan too but we have to be mindful to protect our skin from over exposure to the sun. It’s our commitment to always protect you! We even have tinted sunscreen!

• Protect your skin with a lightening cream to help diminish darks spots and hyperpigmentation.

• For all the self-tanners, our message is always SPF, SPF, SPF, SPF!

• Avoid exposure to the sun during mid-day when the sun is the strongest. Find a gorgeous tree and sit in the shade or find a patio with protective umbrellas.

• Avoid caffeine. Ok, have one in the morning but try to choose infused water, water, or a cold beverage to keep you refreshed.

We have to have a serious talk about shifting skincare from the face to the body!

The skin is the largest living organ protecting all the internal organs. It is the least protected and requires the same attention as the face. Skin doesn’t stop at the chin. It extends to the neck and décolleté which is the most exposed area next to the shoulders. We’re also prone to break-outs on the back.

Deep Cleansing Back Facial to help clear breakouts, refresh and smooth the skin.

“What to do”, you ask? Well, we’ll tell you.

Take a little extra time in the shower.

Apply shower and bath oil on your exfoliating glove and move in large circular motions to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Top to bottom.

Weekly, use a body scrub to slough off dead skin cells and give the skin a smooth almost velvety feel. The appearance of the skin will look fabulous, we promise you!

After your shower, apply body lotion to nourish the skin. It will absorb almost instantly, and your skin will feel great.

If you’re a bath lover like some of us here at Upper Village Spa, your crush will be on Bathorium’s crush soaks. Talk about de-stressing and falling into total relaxation. It’s not a secret anymore – we’re crushing it in the bath!

Next up is a luscious body moisturizer. Not because of the natural botanical sensorial scent but the nourishing ingredients to smooth, protect and regenerate healthy cells for great looking skin. Moisturize!!!

We’re obsessed with our crush, are you?

Arm-pit irritation is no longer a hush-hush conversation.

Underarm skin irritation has been a quiet conversation for more than a decade but not anymore. Mainstream brands we know so well have been using unhealthy ingredients. While the scents they were using made us feel happy, unfortunately they masked the detrimental burden of the skin. We have solutions: we have designed an Arm-Pit Facial to help brighten, soften, protect and smooth the skin, and we can’t say enough about our bestseller, Salt and Stone Deodorant. Call us to pick up yours in the store.

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