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Why are liposomes so important in your skincare?

Effectiveness of any skin care product not only depends upon active substances present in that product, but also on penetration ability of those active substances, which helps them reach deeper layers of your skin. As such, delivering active ingredients in the right manner into the skin is a challenge that skin care products face. In the following sections we will look at the role of liposomes in skin care and proper delivery of nutrients into deeper layers of skin.

Important Role of Liposomes in Skin Care

Liposomes are one type of delivery vehicle that assists skin in absorbing active ingredients present in a cosmetic formulation. In addition, liposomes enhance active ingredient's stability, improve skin hydration through surface adhesiveness, increase dermal bio availability, and protect cells of your skin from external stressors like sweat or sun.

These liposomes are bio-degradable and non-toxic, making them ideal and safe for your skin. As an effective delivery system, liposomes ensure that nutrients and vitamins present in a skin care product reach appropriate skin layers and get absorbed into cells, so that you experience desired benefits such as improved skin hydration, reduction in wrinkles, and better skin texture.

Some of the Benefits of Liposomes Include:

Deeper Delivery

There are skin creams that are able to affect only skin's outer layer. This may provide relief on short term basis from issues like dry skin, but it will not be able to solve the underlying issue. Liposomes are able to deliver nutrients that sooth the skin into deeper layers of skin, assisting in trapping moisture for longer duration so that you get better relief.

Slower Metabolism

When ingredients in a skin cream reach the skin cells, they get metabolized. These active ingredients remain effective till the time metabolization completes. Due to this reason skin creams provide short lived benefits. However, when the active ingredients are encapsulated by liposomes, ingredients do not get released till the time they reach the desired skin layer. The benefit is that nutrients are not wasted and metabolize at a slow rate to provide maximum results.

Fewer Applications

Slow metabolization and targeted delivery system means people require a smaller number of skin cream applications. It is a known fact that overuse often results in skin issues. For instance, excessive moisturizing can cause oily skin and use of too many skin care products tend to block up pores of your skin and result in problems such as acne. When a product contains liposomes, you do not have to apply the cream too often and are able to avoid these skin problems.

To conclude we can say that skin care products with liposomes provide several benefits over other products which do not have liposomes. They can play an important role in protecting the skin from signs of aging, tackle dry skin, and keep the skin moisturized for longer durations. Dr. Baumann Cosmetics offers a 12-layer liposome delivery system that provides excellent results. Contact us to learn more about how this delivery system works and the benefits to adding products using liposomes to your skin care routine.

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